Who We Are

We are a first-class, locally-owned staffing agency. Connections Training and Staffing provides clients who work with us the benefits of our recruiting, training, and staffing expertise. We take a consultative approach to ensure the best-fit candidates for your company. We are solution orientated and dedicated to delivering rapid, affordable solutions for our client’s personnel needs.

Connections Training and Staffing brings over 50 years of recruiting and staffing expertise. We are a full-service staffing agency who recruits for all positions from general labor to skilled CNC Machinists to Project Managers.

Our mission is to improve our client’s productivity, efficiency, and cost savings by providing quality employees and a quick response.

We bring great jobs and great people together quickly, efficiently and effortlessly to improve your bottom line.

Top Reasons to Use

Reduce Overhead Costs & Administration

Recruiting costs, health care, 401k retirement plans, sick days, vacation pay, employer taxes, severance pay, and unemployment insurance are just a few of the costs included with hiring permanent staff. Typically this is roughly 40-50% of an employee’s annual salary. When utilizing CTS an employer doesn’t pay any of that. They simply pay the agency for the work they have done, with no overhead costs.

Reduce Overtime Pay

Rather than putting additional demands on current permanent staff, an employer can use CTS and bring in temporary workers to help absorb excess work during busy periods.

Access to Talent Networks

CTS has spent years building up our talent network through referrals, networking, and speaking with candidates daily. We maintain a large database of employees who are open to new positions, project work and other opportunities within their fields.

Industry Market Knowledge

CTS works with many customers in the same market segment. This enables us share with you best hiring practices and current market trends in your industry giving you greater opportunities to attract the best candidates in your field.

The Ability to Hire Quickly

Employers may have an employee quit and need an immediate replacement. CTS can deliver qualified talent quickly due to its extensive network of candidates. We have a talent network to ensure credentials and compliance items are met.

The Need for Short Term Staff

An employer may need a temp employee due to permanent staff being sick, on maternity leave, family emergency, or leave of absence. Hiring through CTS gives an employer the flexibility to schedule staff for a short period to handle these situations.

Reduce Training, Time, and Hiring Risks

Training new employees requires significant time and costs. By using a staffing service, an employer is provided with someone ready to do the work they need. When the job is completed, there is no need to worry about severance pay, unemployment insurance, or finding a replacement.

Saves Time and Increases ROI

Employers may have projects that require a specialist or someone with a certain area of expertise. CTS helps find temporary workers while saving employers time and money on recruiting so they can focus on other business demands.

Handles Onboarding and Payroll

CTS takes care of contingent employees paperwork, payroll taxes, workers’ compensation, and unemployment benefits.

We can help your business find the right people. Please call our office for further information at 303.867.5150


“Connections is awesome and has gone above and beyond, especially with short notice. I would not work with anyone else.”

Ryan E.

“I have worked with Connections for several years, they have always been able to provide high quality employees, are responsive, and available to assist with short notice, I have referred Connections to several other customers, I truly appreciate the hard work and partnership.”

Joe C., Executive Chef, St. Anthony’s - Lakewood

I have worked with the Connections team since 2012.  I have always been incredibly impressed with their professionalism and candidate quality, even when candidate availability in the marketplace is meager.  Their pricing is also very competitive!  Anytime I have a need for temporary to hire staffing, I contact Connections first and they always deliver!!

Rosa W., Senior Director of ESG, Nepra Foods Ltd.

“Our partnership with Connections Training Staffing started since 2012 and it has been 11 wonderful years working with Corinne and her team!  Over the years we had different demands and great challenges as the market changed but there was not a time where Connections could not meet our needs and demand at that time.  I want to thank Connections for their support, without our partnership we would not have been as successful in bringing such qualified individuals.

Connections does not just provide us with the right temporary staff, they are candidates and our future employees, Connections also supports us with training, on the site support, one on one coaching and mentoring and their technology helps us track the labor hours efficiently.”

Marie S., ITC Manufacturing